I figured out how the original livestream works, and I plan on going live in an hour.  That’s 10 pm EST.  Since it’s original livestream, EVERYONE CAN COME YOU DON’T EVEN NEED AN ACCOUNT, ISN’T THAT GREAT??? If this goes well, I may start doing regular streams. COME JOIN ME IN ADVENTURES IN CREATIVITY.  I’ll be streaming for about two hours, so jump in anytime then if you feel like it :D


I tried for a while to do a post every day, but it’s hard to keep up with that much work!  I’ll do my absolute best to post every 2-3 days from now on :)  Also, I’d like to ask you all a favor.  Can you let me know what time zone you live in and what time you usually get on tumblr, be it a certain approximate time or just “in the evening” :) I’d like to know when would be the best time to post during the day so that the most amount of followers will be able to see it?

Isn’t my crown great???? I kept telling Twilight how awesome it would be to be a princess and wear a pretty crown, and after a few days, she gave it to me and told me that I could be PRINCESS OF ALL THINGS OBNOXIOUS AND ANNOYING!!! I’M A PRETTY PONY PRINCESS YAAAAYYYY


Ok i worked really hard on this one, I hope you all like it :3

I used the character designs for the new hyrule warriors game coming out, because I love Link’s scarf and how Zelda is the badass queen that doesn’t just wait to get saved.



hey people of tumblr, this is my cousins dog, Chance. he’s actually really a sweet dog. and i love him, but my family cant take him in, or i would in a heart beat. The thing is that he’s only around a year old and he has a problem with chewing, but he’s a really nice dog, and really pretty as you can see in the photos, and if we cant find him a home by next week he has to go to the pound. if you can or someone you know might be able to take him, please message me or send me an email at or reblog this, please i really want to see him go to a good home. thanks. :3

We interrupt the regularly scheduled content to bring you this important message.  Hey guys, if any of you are interested in helping this cutie get a new home, pleeeease reblog!! His family lives in Boise, Idaho, for anyone who might want to pick him up.  Hopefully we can find this doggie a new family!

Headcanon: Rarity likes to sleep later and takes over an hour to get ready in the morning.  Pinkie gets up at like 5am and starts baking and doing other Pinkie things.

Headcanon: Rarity likes to sleep later and takes over an hour to get ready in the morning.  Pinkie gets up at like 5am and starts baking and doing other Pinkie things.

on the mane 6 the one with the gender symbols in the pic, what is fluttershy's, rarity's, and rainbowdash's

Fluttershy is genderqueer—she doesn’t identify as either male or female but something different entirely.  Rarity is bisexual.  Rainbowdash is polyamorous—she can be in love with many ponies at the same time :)

Why is it called Cis and why is that such a horrible word?

Cis is NOT a horrible word.  Being cis (cisgendered) just means that you identify as the gender that matches up with the parts you were given at birth.  Some people on tumblr think that being cis is a bad thing, but it’s just who you are.  And who you are is something to be celebrated :)

coming out to religious parents

getting support

We will definitely add more links to this as I find them and as people send them to us.

It’s a hard thing to do, especially with judgmental parents, but we know you can do it, Anon!!! Whether it’s now, or ten years from now that you decide that it’s the right time to come out to them, know that there is so much love and support out there for you, even from people you’ve never met before.  Be confident with your own sexuality, be confident that your parents love you even if they say things that hurt, and most of all be confident that you will become confident in these things in due time, as you gain experience and understanding.  Good luck, Anon <3

Honestly, if you're truly set on giving every character a unique gender identity, all I ask is that you don't have it define the characters. I think that, so far, you've been running a very fun blog that focuses on Rarity and Pinkie Pie doing cute things together & having fun. And while it's important to show acceptance of different gender identities, it would still be bad if people thought you were doing this just to be, for lack of a better word, "trendy". Especially on a website like Tumblr.

Absolutely!!! Sexual orientation doesn’t define anyone’s personality, so it won’t affect any of the characters in any real way.  After the whole thing explaining stuff today, I doubt I’ll mention it that often, if at all :)